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Cutting services

Our cutting services are aimed at customers who wish to turn any specific raw material into semi-finished products of exact size. We can cut a wide range of materials and we use band saws, eccentric presses, and plate shears for this purpose.

Band saw cutting

Using a band saw, we are able to cut not only smaller rods but also materials of bigger size. The biggest advantage of this technology is a high precision and accuracy of the cut which does not require further processing.

Eccentric press cutting

On an eccentric press, we cut flat steel of a maximum width 120 mm and rods with an L-profile section of equal angles of maximum size 60 x 60 x 6 mm.

Our material-cutting machinery

  • Bianco 370 AF CNC band saw

  • Pegas manual band saw

  • Berger plate shears for metal cutting – length of cut 3 m, maximum cutting thickness 7 mm

  • Fasti plate shears – length of cut 2 m, maximum cutting thickness 10 mm

  • 4 eccentric presses

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